What do you really do

We work with you to identify your financial goals and build strategies to help you achieve them. This may include areas such as planning for retirement, saving for a first home mortgage or making sure that you have the right level of cover in case of an accident to ensure you protect your family income.

Are you an accountant?

Accountants and Financial Planners are both very important professionals to have assist you, however their functions are very different. Accountants are able to lodge tax returns and give taxation advice, whereas, Financial Planners generally work in areas such as wealth creation, retirement, personal risk management which include but is not limited to: - Superannuation - Investments - Insurance - Income Streams - Centrelink assistance - Government incentives - Aged care - Self-Managed Superannuation funds - Salary Sacrificing.

Can you help me with my super?

We consider ourselves to be Superannuation specialists. If you have not had your Superannuation reviewed by a professional lately, it will be worth giving us a call.

Can you help me with insurance?

We also specialize in personal insurances.  We have many different products and structures that we can recommend which will ensure that you and your family are protected in the event of a calamity.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are determined by the amount of time we need to devote to helping you with your financial planning needs. The great thing about working with Trinity Wealth Services is that we will explain our fee structure at the outset, and we will agree on costs before we proceed with providing any financial advice.

How much money do I need to see a financial planner?

We are able to help all Australian’s with their financial planning needs. A lot of the time, it is the average family that can gain the most out of seeing a financial planner as opposed to the man with millions of dollars in the bank.

Can you only recommend AMP products?

AMP Financial Planning has a broad suite of well research products available for us to recommend that are not limited to AMP products.

Will you come to our home to see us as we have kids and work during the day?

Yes we are more than happy to see you at your home or work place if that is more suitable for you and your family. Please fill in your details in the right hand side of the screen and we will contact you to secure an appropriate time and place for our consultation.

Can I refer you to my friend, colleague...

If you are happy with our service or think it may benefit someone you know, we would love to hear from you. Please CLICK HERE to go to our Contact page. Give us a call or complete the form to send us an email, and we will get back to either you or your referral.

What sort of things do you advise on?

· Investments and strategic asset allocation
· Budget and cash flow management
· Debt management
· Salary Packaging
· Superannuation strategies and retirement planning
· Personal Insurances
· Estate Planning
· Centrelink and other Government benefits
· Ongoing advice and services, including regular portfolio review

What do I need for our first meeting?

Before we can proceed with providing you any advice, we will need to verify certain aspects of your situation such as your identity and depending on your needs, income, any dependents, expenses, assets, liabilities etc will also need to be determined, so any information you wish bring with you may help expedite the process.  However, this information can be provided to us at a subsequent meeting if you would just like to meet with us to discuss the possibilities of working together.